Formatting the Detail Records

The detail records contain the field values in the data files. The fields are different for each data file type. Every data file must include at least one detail record.

List the detail records after the column header record. Enter one comma-delimited detail record per line. See the following tables for details for each data file type.

You must include the CH1 (record type) variable as the first field in each detail record. You can include the rest of the variables in any order, but they must match the order of the column headers in the column header record. We recommend following the orders listed in the tables below.

Required Values

Values are either required, not required, or required based on certain conditions. For any values that are not required, you may either populate the fields or leave them blank.

Do not enter NULL in any detail record field. If there are any required values that you do not have available and for which there are no “not applicable,” “unknown,” or “missing” accepted values listed in the table, email for assistance.

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