First Year Enrollment Dashboard

The First-Year Enrollment dashboard shows 12-month enrollment counts and key characteristics for students enrolling at your institution for the first time by cohort year. You can use this information to track college access trends by student characteristics across six cohort years, which can give you an idea of your institution’s success at enrolling specific groups.

Watch the video below to learn more about the First Year Enrollment Dashboard.

Which Students are Included

The dashboard calculations include only undergraduate students who enrolled at your institution for the first time either as transfer-in or first time in college. The dashboard considers all students submitted in your cohort data file who meet these requirements to have been enrolled in that cohort year.

Dashboard Sections

Cohort Enrollment

The three boxes along the top of the dashboard display the total, first time, and transfer-in cohort enrollment. You can use the Cohort filter to adjust the cohorts displayed in the boxes. You can only select one cohort filter option at a time, and it only affects the amounts in the cohort enrollment boxes.

Cohort Enrollment by Enrollment Type

This section shows a high-level overview of how your institution’s first-year enrollment has changed from one cohort to the next by enrollment type. The size of each bar indicates the total enrollment by cohort with any filters you have selected.

Cohort Enrollment by Dimension

This section displays your institution’s enrollment across cohorts with a disaggregation by dimension. The data is displayed in lines that show trends in first-year enrollment from one cohort to the next. You can hover over any point in a line to view the student count and percentage.

Using the Dashboard

The best way to use this dashboard is by selecting dimensions. Dimensions allow you to view changes in student populations in each cohort across several years. For example, you can see student readiness in math or English by selecting the math prep dimension and then adding the English filter. The dashboard will display the count and percentage of students not ready in either math or English.

If you select a dimension with multiple values, like race/ethnicity, you can use the race/ethnicity filter to remove populations and refine the data.

Use Cases

Demographic Profile of First-Year Students

Watch the video below to learn how to use the First Year Enrollment dashboard to understand the demographic profile of first-year students.

First-Year Student Academic Probation

Watch the video below to learn how to use the First Year Enrollment dashboard to understand first-year student academic probation.


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