Formatting the Header Record

You must include all of the following fields in the header record for each data file. All fields are required.

# Variable Value
1 Record Type Indicates the type of record. Must be the first field in the record. The value depends on the type of data file you are submitting. Enter one of the following values:

  • Cohort Data File = DCE01
  • Course Data File = DCE02
  • Financial Aid Data File = DCE03
2 Service Account Enter your Service Account ID (up to 15 digits) provided by the PDP implementation team during your account set-up.
3 Organization ID Identifies your organization. Must be an alphanumeric value of up to 20 digits. If your organization is an institution, enter your 6-digit OPEID. If your organization is a system of institutions, enter your Organization ID.
4 Branch Code Enter your OPEID branch code. If you do not have a branch code, enter 00.
5 Version If you are submitting any optional version 2.0 fields, enter 2.0. Otherwise, leave blank. See Formatting a Data File for details.
6 Filler Fields Leave blank.
9 File Certified Date The date you are submitting the file. Cannot be a future date.
10 Filler Field Leave blank.
11 Client File ID The Client File ID can be whatever naming convention your institution uses for data files, up to 50 characters. Usually it is the internal system ID for your file.
12 Filler Fields Leave blank.

Sample Header Record


Sample Version 2.0 Header Record


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