Gainful Employment & Financial Value Transparency FAQs

Last Updated: May 22, 2024 Legislation What is the Gainful Employment (GE) and Financial Value Transparency (FVT) Act? It is new legislation enacted to create a transparency and accountability framework by which the Department of Education (ED) can assess “whether career programs meet the statutory requirement of preparing students for […]


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Error Codes 253 & 290

Error codes 253 and 290 occur when a student is flagged with a potential name/Social Security number (SSN) conflict. A name/SSN conflict occurs when an SSN included in an incoming enrollment file is attached to a student that is already in the Clearinghouse database and is not an immediate match […]

Enrollment Reporting Data Flow

What Your School Does What the Clearinghouse Does Scheduling Transmissions Schedule extracts to occur every 30-45 days, and update the schedule as needed. Go to Clearinghouse secure site and select the Future Transmission tab, then the Degree Transmission tab to access your schedule. Emails you a reminder when your next […]