Enrollment Reporting Data Flow

What Your School Does What the Clearinghouse Does Scheduling Transmissions Schedule extracts to occur every 30-45 days, and update the schedule as needed. Go to Clearinghouse secure site and select the Future Transmission tab, then the Degree Transmission tab to access your schedule. Emails you a reminder when your next […]

NSLDS Audit Exemption 2022-2023

The content of and links to the Federal Student Aid (FSA) Electronic Announcements in this document were correct as of the date this document was created. FSA’s Electronic Announcements are available on their site. 4/17/23: April 2023 Update for Suggested Single Audit Procedures Related to NSLDS Enrollment Reporting Published on […]

Audit Guide

Click here for a downloadable PDF version of this article. The National Student Clearinghouse’s Audit Guide is designed to facilitate the audit process for schools using Clearinghouse services. It helps auditors understand how your institution uses Clearinghouse services to complete its timely enrollment status and compliance reporting to the National […]

Early Registration vs. Advanced Registration

Check out the table below to find out why these submission types are different. Advanced Registration Early Registration Is data from the submission used for compliance reporting? No, advanced registration data is not used for compliance reporting. It is used for Myhub or Student Self-Service, which allows students to receive […]

Enrollment File Reject Detail

When the Clearinghouse processes your enrollment reporting file, our system might reject some records due to issues such as a Social Security number conflict. You can review and update these records on our School Secure Site. View our Enrollment Reporting Dashboard Tour  for a demo of our School Secure Site’s […]

NSLDS SSCR Error Code 75

NSLDS SSCR Error Code 75 is an NSLDS error code that has been expanded to include incomplete bundles caused by active programs sent to the SSCR roster by NSLDS, which are not being reported in the response file. A “bundle” is an NSLDS concept that is used to describe an […]

NSLDS SSCR Error Code 22

NSLDS SSCR Error Code 22 occurs when the Clearinghouse reports a Z status (student not found in OPEID roster) for a student for whom the NSLDS has prior enrollment information at the OPEID in its database. There are several reasons why an Error Code 22 can occur: Student record at […]