Enhancement! Error Resolution Report Edit and Validation Re-design

The National Student Clearinghouse is excited to announce that we are deploying an enhancement to the error and warning correction capability on Enrollment Reporting’s Error Resolution Report on the Web (ERW), effective February 2024. This enhancement — requested by our participating schools — will better support your data reporting and provide greater transparency by enabling you to edit and validate the entire student record at one time. This change is a follow-up to the Error Resolution Report Template enhancement, which we implemented in February 2023.

What Should I Expect from the Enhancement?

This enhancement is a significant change from previous error reports. Initially, it may appear as if there are more errors than expected. However, this is not the case. The error and warning flags are not increasing. The enhancement makes ALL campus- and program-level errors and warnings that should be addressed visible instead of having to view the flags one by one.

With this enhancement, you will find it most effective to click into the record to clear all the errors and warnings at once. The change to how errors and warnings are presented within ERW will also help prevent additional errors and warnings occurring for the same record as you work the report.

The ERW template is not changing with this enhancement.

If I Have a Question, Who Should I Contact?

Please contact the Data Operations Analyst assigned to your enrollment file. Your Data Operations Analyst’s direct contact information is available on the summary screen within the Clearinghouse Error Resolution Report on the Web application.

For general information, please contact our Compliance & Data Operations team at schoolops@studentclearinghouse.org or 703.742.4200 (Option #7, #2).