Enrollment Reporting Data Flow

What Your School Does What the Clearinghouse Does
Scheduling Transmissions

Schedule extracts to occur every 30-45 days, and update the schedule as needed. Go to Clearinghouse secure site and select the Future Transmission tab, then the Degree Transmission tab to access your schedule.

Emails you a reminder when your next scheduled extract is due.

Submitting Data

Submit your extract file.

Assigns an analyst for your enrollment file extract.

The analyst and Clearinghouse IT perform formatting and error checks on your extract. Analyst conducts a final check and contacts your school for additional clarification, if needed.

If errors are found, the analyst posts an error resolution report and sends you instructions for reviewing the errors using Error Resolution on the Web. Our error flags help you avoid federal audit findings.

Correcting Errors

Use Error Resolution on the Web to review and correct errors and warnings. Warnings are passable but — at the discretion of your school — may require review and correction. Click I am Done to send your file back to the Clearinghouse.

Tip: Complete within 1 to 3 days.

The analyst conducts a final check and contacts your school for additional clarification, if needed.

The analyst processes your file and adds it to the Clearinghouse enrollment database.

Reviewing Rejected Records

After your enrollment file is processed in the Clearinghouse system, review and correct any rejected records — usually due to an SSN inaccuracy. View the Clearinghouse Secure Site Enrollment Reporting Dashboard Tour for navigation instructions to correct SSN inaccuracies.

Your certified enrollment file is now available to student loan lenders, servicers, guarantors as well as the NSLDS and other Clearinghouse services, such as verifications.

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