Error Resolution Report Guide, Error 253/290 Guide, & Glossary Available!

Do you have new administrators managing the resolution of Enrollment Reporting transmission errors, or have questions about specific Enrollment Reporting errors or warning flags? The guide to the help you need has arrived!

Our highly anticipated Error Resolution Report Guide for Enrollment Reporting is now available on Compliance Central.

From start to finish, our comprehensive handbook is designed to guide you through using Error Resolution Report on the Web (ERW). It includes complete descriptions and visuals for each error and warning code, along with:

  • Reason the error or warning flag occurred
  • Detailed instructions for you to resolve the error or warning
  • Guidance on how to prevent the error or warning in your future enrollment transmissions

Inside the Error Resolution Report Guide, you’ll find:

  • Navigating to the Error Resolution Report
  • Reviewing the Error Resolution Report
  • Error Resolution Report: Error List – Red Errors vs Black Warnings
  • Returning the Error Resolution Report
  • Enrollment Reporting Error Codes (with screen captures and step-by-step instructions)
  • Enrollment Reporting Warning Codes (with screen captures and step-by-step instructions)
  • Automated Error or Warning Codes
  • Enrollment Reporting Best Practices (essential for newer administrators!)
  • Appendix with additional information and resources (including an acronym list!)

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Guide for Resolving Reject Detail Error Codes 253 and 290

Errors 253 and 290 are related to Social Security number (SSN) conflicts and require school review and action. However, managing SSN conflicts often need to be handled case by case. The information in our new Error Codes 253 & 290 Guide will help you understand how to correct outstanding rejected records for SSN conflicts.


Whether you are getting acquainted with enrollment and compliance reporting terminology or seeking a quick definition, our online glossary has it!

The Compliance & Data Operations team is committed to keeping resources updated as enrollment and compliance reporting continue to evolve, and new data validations are added. To ensure you are accessing the most current version of a document, please bookmark our Compliance Central page. An update of the most recent changes and version history will be available on the specific pages of the site.

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