Update: Federal Compliance Audit and NSLDS Roster Process

The following is an update to our January 10, 2023, Compliance Central blog post, “Update: Enrollment Status Reporting to NSLDS.”

Revised federal guidance for audit procedures, specifically for the period July 19, 2022, through February 28, 2023, have been issued by Federal Student Aid (FSA). Audit exemption details for this period and advisement for auditor enrollment reporting testing is explained in the January 12, 2023, Federal Student Aid (FSA) Electronic Announcement External Link. Your institution should refer to the January 12th FSA e-announcement for enrollment reporting audit testing questions related to the timeliness and accuracy of student status reporting for the July 19-February 28 timeframe.

Additionally, NSLDS plans to send off-schedule rosters to the National Student Clearinghouse the week of January 16, 2023, for institutions for which a roster was not already processed in January 2023. The compliance exception described in the January 13, 2023, FSA Electronic Announcement External Link advises how institutions should react to NSLDS roster errors for the January 2023 roster cycle.

January 13th FSA Electronic Announcement excerpt:

  • For Schools Scheduled to Receive February Enrollment Roster Feb. 1st–10th – A school on this schedule is not required to make corrections to the off-schedule January Enrollment Roster. The school is required to check its February Enrollment Roster to ensure any errors no longer exist. If errors do exist in the February Roster Response file, the school must make corrections within the required 10 days.
  • For Schools Scheduled to Receive Enrollment Rosters After Feb. 10th but Within Next 60 Days – We understand that it may take a school on this schedule longer than 10 days to make corrections to the off-schedule January Enrollment Roster. The school is required to make corrections to the off-schedule January Enrollment Roster as soon as possible prior to receiving its next Enrollment Roster.

Please note: Any data processed by the Clearinghouse is immediately available for our other services, including EnrollmentVerify, DegreeVerify, StudentTracker, the Postsecondary Data Partnership, Myhub, Reverse Transfer, and any other service in which your school participates that utilizes your enrollment data. The Clearinghouse continues to process any new enrollment and degree data we receive in chronological order.

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