Update: Enrollment Status Reporting to NSLDS

The following is an update to our November 15, 2022, Compliance Central blog  post, “Update: Enrollment Status Reporting to NSLDS Restored.”

The National Student Clearinghouse continues to collaborate with Federal Student Aid (FSA) and National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) on outstanding issues related to NSLDS’s roster process, which resumed on November 16, 2022, following the July 25, 2022, NSLDS site modernization.

We strongly encourage your school to rely on the guidance provided in the FSA/NSLDS Professional Access Electronic Announcements. This includes the audit exception language related to instances where student enrollment status updates may not appear in the NSLDS system. For more information, please see the September 2, 2022, Electronic Announcement External Site and the January 6, 2023, “Note” section that FSA added to the November 14, 2022 Electronic Announcement External Site.

The Clearinghouse will continue to keep our institutions informed of updates and new information via our Compliance Central Blog. Please subscribe to ensure you receive notifications when new information is added.

Please note: Any data processed by the Clearinghouse is immediately available for our other services, including EnrollmentVerify, DegreeVerify, StudentTracker, the Postsecondary Data Partnership, Myhub, Reverse Transfer, and any other service in which your school participates that utilizes your enrollment data. The Clearinghouse continues to process any new enrollment and degree data we receive in chronological order.

Keeping You in Compliance

If you have compliance-related questions, contact our Audit Resource Center at auditresource@studentclearinghouse.org.

Additional information and background on the recent NSLDS delays are available from the resources below: