Enhancements! Error Resolution Report Template and New Error Codes 1791-1796 for an Existing Program

As a part of our goal to continue to increase the ease and transparency of reporting your institution’s enrollment data, the National Student Clearinghouse is deploying an enhancement to the Error Resolution Report on the Web (ERW) template in winter 2023. This enhancement will increase usability and the user experience for managing enrollment data corrections. Also included is the introduction of a new error code series, error codes 1791-1796.

What Should I Expect from the ERW Enhancement?

The ERW enhancement will display the entire student record regardless of the error or warning code(s) flagged, so you can resolve issues at one time for the entire student record. The change will also reduce instances of the same student record reposting with a different error/warning(s) after the initial error is corrected. In addition, the way you address enrollment file errors and warnings will be streamlined.

Where Can I Learn More About the ERW Enhancement?

Watch our ERW enhancement tutorial External Site.

What Is the New Error Code Series, 1791-1796?

The error description is: Program n CIP invalid for current CIP Year Level.

The new series, which includes error codes 1791 to 1796, is used to flag up to six program-level records per student (e.g., 1791-Program 1, 1792-Program 2, 1793-Program 3, etc.). These error codes identify records for schools that have already converted to CIP Year 2020 values within our Enrollment Reporting service. On the ERW screen, any 1791 Error Code series must be corrected.

The error will be presented on incoming records with program(s) in:

  • An open status (F/Q/H/L/A) with a previously reported 2010 CIP Year CIP Code.
  • A closed status (W, G, D, X) with a previously reported 2010 CIP Year CIP Code where the program is already linked to the CIP Year 2020 values for the same program in the student’s enrollment history.

This enhanced error code logic relates to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) and National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) conversion from 2010 CIP Year CIP Codes to 2020 CIP Year CIP Codes. You can find background information about the CIP Year conversion for Enrollment Reporting in our June 7, 2021 post, The 1st Release of the Clearinghouse’s CIP 2020 Phase III Enhancement Is Here!

The Error Code 1791 tutorial will be available in February 2023 as part of the recording that also explains Error Code 1701.  It will be posted in February 2023 on our Clearinghouse Academy site in the “Specific Clearinghouse Enrollment File Errors External Site” section.

If I Have a Question, Who Should I Contact?

Please contact the Data Operations Analyst assigned to your enrollment file. Your Data Operations Analyst’s direct contact information is available on the summary screen within the Clearinghouse Error Resolution on the Web application.

For general information, please contact our Compliance & Data Operations team at schoolops@studentclearinghouse.org or 703.742.4200 (Option #7, #2).