StudentTracker 3.0 FAQs

These FAQs are intended for users of the StudentTracker for High Schools service. For more information on StudentTracker 3.0, visit our Student Tracker 3.0 page. Feel free to send any questions or comments to


When will my StudentTracker for High Schools account move to StudentTracker 3.0?

We will begin migrating current secondary subscribers (high schools, districts, consortiums and state departments of education) to StudentTracker 3.0 during summer 2024. We expect to migrate approximately 50-75 subscribers per week. Migration will start in mid to late July 2024 and continue for the next 9 months.*

If you’re eager to move onto the 3.0 application, you can let our product team know by emailing us at (please provide a main point of contact).

When will other StudentTracker services (i.e. StudentTracker for Outreach) move to StudentTracker 3.0?

We are evaluating the timeline for moving other services. Our current priority is to move all secondary subscribers to the new platform before we begin to migrate other StudentTracker users.

What is the training plan for StudentTracker 3.0?

Our product team will hold several webinars about 3.0, meet with users at conferences, and create short on-demand tutorials explaining the new functionality.

What are the biggest changes in StudentTracker 3.0?

Visit our StudentTracker 3.0 page to see the changes you can expect to see in our new platform.

When will the current StudentTracker for High Schools service be retired?

The Clearinghouse expects to have the majority of subscribers on StudentTracker 3.0 before the spring 2025 effective date* and will determine when after that date we will retire StudentTracker for High Schools.

Is anything from current StudentTracker not in 3.0?

StudentTracker 3.0 has many enhancements based on subscriber feedback. However, a few of the current outcome reports are not yet ready:

  • Aggregate reports for individual high schools (the academic data elements and enrollment within first two years)
  • Trends showing 8 years of outcomes
  • Longitudinal view of a high school cohort
  • Top 25 Colleges First Attended
  • Outcomes from your request file submissions (aka ad hoc)

Reports & Data

When can I get updated mapping documents for the Student Level Detail Report and the analysis-ready report?

Click here to download the new mapping document for the Student Level Detail Report.

The mapping document for the analysis-ready report will be ready in mid-June. Please check back for the link.

Can my institution or organization still get the current StudentTracker for High Schools reports?

Your StudentTracker subscription will remain on the current service and receive the current outcome reports until your account is moved to StudentTracker 3.0.

The high school-level aggregate and Top 25 Colleges First Attended reports will not initially be available in StudentTracker 3.0 when it goes live (we plan to add them later). If after your subscription moves to 3.0, you need these two reports, you can still access your StudentTracker for High Schools account to retrieve them until both reports become available on 3.0.

Are you making any enhancements to the matching algorithm?

A Clearinghouse data scientist and analysts from the data team have been analyzing, and will continue to analyze, Clearinghouse data and the current algorithm to determine if we can make any enhancements to ensure quality results.

File Submission

When will the new file submission process and user interface be available?

The timeline for this functionality is being determined.

Do I still need to use my FTP account for StudentTracker 3.0?

Yes, your student data file submissions should still be sent to the Clearinghouse using your FTP account and following the same submission formatting rules. However, in StudentTracker 3.0, no reports will be returned to FTP. They will be available to you via the platform.

Your FTP mailbox number will not change, and you will still use your StudentTracker for High Schools service agreement/account number in the header row of your diploma submission file.

* The National Student Clearinghouse has not yet determined the timeline for moving institutions that have StudentTracker through one of our partners to StudentTracker 3.0.

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