Common Graduates File Submission Errors

Before you submit your graduates file, follow these guidelines to avoid common errors and ensure that StudentTracker can process your file and track your graduates accurately and efficiently. For detailed information and instructions, see Formatting and Submitting a Graduates File. High school graduate information for 2022 will not be available […]

Ask the Product Manager

If you have questions about your StudentTracker reports, send an email to the StudentTracker secondary product manager at: Include the full name of your organization, city, state, service agreement/account number (if known), and a description of your question(s).

Formatting and Submitting a Graduates File

Watch the video below to learn how to format and submit a graduates file. Before you create your graduates file, review these Common Graduates File Submission Errors. Click the link below to download the instructions for formatting and submitting a graduates file. Formatting and Submitting a Graduates File

Live Webinars

Learn more about StudentTracker for High Schools by attending one of our free live webinars. View a list of our upcoming webinars at the link below. You can also visit our Events Calendar   for a list of all National Student Clearinghouse upcoming events.

Getting Started with DiplomaVerify

Step 1: Sign Up Fill out our DiplomaVerify information form. If you are already a StudentTracker for High Schools client and have submitted a diploma file, we can start processing verifications as soon as we have implemented your DiplomaVerify agreement. If you are in the process of signing up for […]

About DiplomaVerify

When a graduate of your school seeks employment, the employer may perform a background check on their credentials, including their high school diploma. DiplomaVerify is a free add-on for StudentTracker that performs these verifications for you. Third parties, such as employers and background screeners, must obtain student consent for each […]

About User Roles

Watch the video below to learn more about user roles. Role Description Required Role Requires Web ID Billing Receives invoices for the StudentTracker service. Only one user can be assigned this role. Yes No ETX Contact for Electronic Transcript Exchange. No No Executive Manages the contractual relationship. Only one user […]