Update Student Graduated (G) Status

1. Enter the student’s Social Security number (also see SSN Search).

2. Click the “Enrollment History” radio button.

3. Click “Update Student Record”, located below the student’s enrollment information.

4. Select “Change status to Graduated.”

5. Enter the graduation date, if different than the withdrawal date.

Should be last attendance date/term end date, NOT ceremony date. Program status and program status effective date will be updated to information entered for update.

6. Select Submit, and a confirmation of the updated information will display, which you can print for your records.

Make sure you also enter this updated enrollment information into your student information system (SIS), so that future transmissions do not overwrite your update.

CAUTION: If we already have an enrollment file for your school, you cannot submit an online update. If you are making an update for previous term dates, you can use the online update after the current submission has been processed. To make an update for the current term, you must contact the School Operations analyst assigned to your school. (If you don’t know who has been assigned to your school, you can view your analyst’s contact information through the Submission Schedule or Error Resolution Report found under the Student Reporting tab.)

TIP: You can check our school secure site to see if your student’s update has been processed by selecting the Student Look-Up tab. Please allow three to five business days for processing.

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