Audit Resource Center

The Audit Resource Center is a team of operational experts and online tools that help schools address audit needs and questions. Audit Resource Center staff regularly work one-on-one with schools and auditors providing support.

You can document your compliance reporting and prepare for an audit in the following ways:

  • Download our annual compliance report
  • Review Preparing for an Audit and our Audit Guide which include instructions on how to use our school secure site to obtain information for auditors
  • Retain copies of the email confirmations sent to you by the Clearinghouse after we receive each of your enrollment and degree file transmissions
  • Keep a copy of your school’s enrollment transmission error reports
  • Keep a copy of the student data that you send to the Clearinghouse, which can be compared to the student names on the auditor’s list

Contact the Audit Resource Team at

You can also access Compliance Central External Link, including our audit-related information and resources.

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