Using the Verifications Services Tab

You can use the Verifications Services tab to manage and track all the verification requests received for your school, including adding records, managing pending requests, viewing transmissions, and more.

> View Verifications Summary

By selecting the Verification Services tab, you’ll open the View Verifications page, where you can view a summary of your school’s verification requests. By default, the View Verifications page will display all of your current “Pending” verification requests (“Pending” status is marked with the image19.gif icon).


Each row in your summary represents a single verification request for an individual student and provides basic information of the request. The oldest ones are on the top. Also see topic, Sort or Filter Requests.

Click the green_arrow_button.jpg green arrow button to expand any order, revealing the details of the verification. Click it again to hide the response.


If a verification request is marked with the image20.gif green ribbon icon, you can click the “pdf” link to view, save, and/or print the certificate.

At the bottom of the page, you can click on the page numbers to browse through the complete list of verifications in your queue. Click the “Show Totals by Status” link in the bottom-left corner to see the total number of requests by status type.

TIP: Use the school dropdown menu on the top-right of the screen to view summaries for other branches or schools in your system.

Verification Status Icons

image20.gif  Confirmed
Confirmed-Not Currently Enrolled
Confirmed-Consent Received
Confirmed Degree-After Research
Confirmed Dates of Attendance-After Research

image21.gif  Unable to Confirm using the information provided
image21.gif  Unable to Confirm-Financial Block

image19.gif  Pending-School Research
image19.gif  Awaiting Clearinghouse Processing


> Sort or Filter Requests

You can view a summary of your school’s verification requests on the View Verifications page. The page is preset to display all the pending verifications requiring research by your school. You can change the display to show other summary options.

Sort by Column Name

You can sort the data in your summary by clicking on any of the orange column headers, except DOB. For instance, you may want to click on the Date Requested column to see pending orders by request date (most recent are listed at the top).


Filter by Verification Type

The Type dropdown is preset to display all verification types. To change the verification type, select “Degree,” “Current Enrollment,” or “Dates of Attendance.”


To filter by Status, you can choose: “All,” “Confirmed,” “Pending-School Research,” “Awaiting Clearinghouse Processing,” or “Unable to Confirm.” You can further refine your selection by entering a date range (in mm/dd/yyyy format) in the Date Requested fields or select it using the image62.gif calendar option.

You can also search for verifications by Transaction ID, Student Name (use % as a wildcard, if you do not know the full name), or Student SSN.



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