Reminder! Ensure Graduated (G) Enrollment Statuses are Reported Correctly for Federal Compliance

When reporting enrollment to the National Student Clearinghouse, you should ensure your reporting reflects accurate and complete enrollment data consistent with Federal Student Aid (FSA) guidance, including enrollment status increases and decreases. Reporting enrollment status changes accurately supports federal compliance, mitigates preventable federal aid audit finding risk, and avoids loan servicing issues.

For students who complete a program, FSA requires that an enrollment status change of graduated (G) be reflected in enrollment reporting.

Program-level records are program(s) reported within your enrollment reporting to the Clearinghouse. According to page 16 of the NSLDS Enrollment Reporting Guide, “…a unique program’s identifiers include OPEID, CIP code, CIP Year, Credential Level, and Program Length.” When you award degrees during the academic calendar, be sure you have standard procedures and best practices in place to consistently report any applicable graduated (G) enrollment statuses for completed programs within your enrollment reporting to the Clearinghouse. 

Here are resources to help you report graduated (G) enrollment status to the Clearinghouse:

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