View Your DegreeVerify Contacts

As the user administrator, you can view/update your Clearinghouse contacts with Degree Online Update, Degree Research, DegreeVerify Coordinator, and other related responsibilities.

1. Click “View Your Clearinghouse Contacts ” ( ) under the Verification Services menu on the left.

2. You’ll see a Web view of all school contacts with Verification Services responsibilities. Review the information listed on the Contacts page. To make changes, click Manage Users under the right menu.

3. Click on a user’s name to make changes to his/her account. On the selected user’s account page, you can change “Personal Information” and change his or her “Roles.” You also have the ability to Deactivate, Unlock, or Reset Password for the individual.


4. To create a new user account, select image41.gif, which appears on the bottom-right corner of the screen.

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