Close with Dates of Attendance

This option allows you to add attendance details for a student who may not have a degree.

1. The student record page allows you to add a new student degree record. There are three sections on this page:

  • Verification Request: Provides a summary of verification request details.
  • Student Information: Provides student information that was included in the verification request. You may add or edit this information as needed, to correct any errors that might be present. You may also add or remove certain blocks here, such as FERPA, Financial, or Privacy
  • Attendance Information: This is where you can enter the dates of attendance information for the student.

2. Add or update the student information section as needed.

3. Enter the dates of attendance information for the student. Required fields are denoted with an asterisk (*). If you need to add degree details, you can uncheck No Degree Awarded to expand all degree detail fields.

4. When you are finished entering the attendance information, click To delete this entry, click Cancel.

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