Manage Alert Messages

To manage your school’s alert messages, you must have both user administrator and service administrator roles. If you are the user administrator, you can create and edit your school’s alert messages as needed. The custom school message alert (also known as a selection alert) can be used to communicate to requestors the types of degrees you do and do not verify (e.g., we do not verify teaching degrees). You can also create a Pending Message Alert to let requestors know how soon to expect a response on any requests requiring school research.

To view and/or update your alert messages:

1. Select View/Edit Alerts ( ) under the Verification Services menu on the left.

2. Under “Manage Alert Messages,” click the “Edit School Custom Message” to add a custom message (e.g., holiday closing, reduced summer hours).


3. Write the message (exactly as you’d like for it to be shown to requestors) in the Message field. Keep in mind there is a 1,000-character limit.

4. Enter the dates that the message should be active, or click on the calendar ( image18.gif ) icon to select the dates from the calendar view.

5. Click Submit.

If you’d like to also edit the Pending Alert, click on “Edit Pending Alert Message,” enter in the Message and From/To date fields, and click Submit.

Any user at the school with Web access can view the alert messages. They will see the options: “View Pending Alert Message,” “View Custom Degree Message,” and “View Custom Enrollment Message.”

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