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Only the Degree Online Update, Degree Research, and DegreeVerify Coordinator contacts at your school can generate dynamic transaction, surcharge, or workflow reports for a desired time period. You can also export the detailed report to Excel or PDF to print for a presentation or reconcile with your company’s financial accounts.

1. Click View Your Reports under the right menu.

2. Select the type of report from the dropdown menu: Transaction, Surcharge, or Workflow.

3. Enter the specified begin and end dates (using the MM/DD/YYYY format), within the past 12 months. Or you can click on the image25.gif calendar icon to select from the calendar.

4. Click Go. The custom report will pop up in a new window.


5. Click on the “Detail Report” link (Surcharge Report) or any bar on the chart (Transaction and Workflow Reports) to see detailed information.


6. To export as a PDF or Excel file, click the Reports-exportbutton.jpg Export button.*

7. Select the Report Result Format you prefer. If you want to save the file to your computer, select “Save to File System.”*


You must enable popup windows in your browser. See FAQs topic, Why Can’t I View the Reports?

Steps 6-7 are applicable only to the Surcharge and Transaction Reports. The Workflow Report does not provide a detailed spreadsheet; instead, clicking on the bar chart will provide the pending turnaround time and number of transactions completed by user.

If you create a Billing Report, your spreadsheet will include transaction totals plus any applicable sales tax. Learn more by reading the Frequently Asked Questions.

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