Steps to Activate Reverse Transfer

The following is a summary of the activities for activation and testing the Reverse Transfer service.

Setting Up a Reverse Transfer Account

  1. Receive and sign the Reverse Transfer service contract
  2. Fill out the account setup form for Reverse Transfer
  3. Select the desired file format — pipe-delimited, EDI, or XML
    • If selecting EDI or XML your school must be an active SPEEDE Server user and a Degree-Granting Institution (DGI)
  4. If not an active SPEEDE Server user, indicate on the account setup form
  5. The Clearinghouse will set up the FTP mailbox
  6. The Clearinghouse will give Reverse Transfer access to identified users

Testing the Service

Contact to set up.

  1. Host will compile a data file
  2. Host will upload the file to their RT-FTP(demo) mailbox for testing the file
  3. The Clearinghouse will validate the file
  4. The Clearinghouse will accept the valid file
  5. Host will be notified if the test file was successfully processed or has errors
  6. DGI will receive the test file in the RT-FTP (demo) mailbox — provided upon request


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