Sending Non-Credit Course Data

The Clearinghouse has expanded the Reverse Transfer platform for the purpose of receiving non-credit course data for students and tying that data to certifications provided by Industry Credential providers for the purpose of understanding student outcomes that are not degree program related. This project is currently in a pilot phase and the Clearinghouse is working in partnership with the National Association of Manufacturers/Manufacturing and their members; the American Welding Society (AWS), Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC), and the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) to bring in certification data to tie to the student academic record.

To support the initiative, the Clearinghouse enhanced the Reverse Transfer platform to intake non-credit course data and store that data in the student academic record. The Non-Credit data will not be sent to a Degree Granting Institution for the purpose of reverse transfer. This enhancement will allow institutions to pull non-credit course data at the same time, typically once per term after most grades are posted, and submit one file to the Clearinghouse instead of two files for participating in the Non-Credit initiative.

The data being added for this initiative include the following: (for all of the fields below please see field specifications later in the manual).

Purpose of Course Exchange – this field identifies if a course is for reverse transfer and needs to be delivered to a degree-granting institution, or if a course is for the purpose of storage as non-credit course data in the student academic record.

Industry Endorsement – this field indicates if a course has been endorsed by one of the industry credential providers the Clearinghouse is working with.

Industry Provided Curriculum – this field is used to indicate if your institution’s curriculum was provided by an industry credential provider.


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