Host Reverse Transfer Course Detail File Layout Overview

Each Host Institution or System of Institutions will compile a file of eligible students for Reverse Transfer and send the file to the Clearinghouse. It is important to note that the Clearinghouse is expecting to receive course information only for students identified as eligible for Reverse Transfer by the host and who have consented to participate in the program. The Clearinghouse is not tracking student eligibility or processing consent forms for the Reverse Transfer service.

The course detail file from the host includes the header record, a body record(s), and a trailer record in a pipe-delimited file format. Each record layout is detailed at the following links with the field-level edit validations.

PLEASE NOTE: While some of the fields are optional, many of these fields are critical to the Degree-Granting Institution (DGI) in processing the students for evaluation and notification of the degree. By providing the optional fields, DGI will be able to process students in a more efficient and timely manner. We encourage you to consider providing as many optional fields as possible.


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