Formatting an Update File

An update data file should be formatted the same as the original file following the same guidelines outlined in Creating a Data File. However, there are key differences in the requirements for each record.

Updating Previously Submitted Data

If you need to make changes to previously submitted and successfully processed data, you can submit an update data file. How to Submit an Update File You can submit an update data file the same way you submitted the original file. The PDP system will match the data with existing […]

Recertifying Submissions

When you re-submit a data file, you may need to recertify the submission. You can only re-certify a submission that has already been certified for the current submission window. You may need to recertify a submission if: After certifying a submission, you uploaded additional data. You have replaced one or […]

Overriding Data Quality Errors

If you review a data quality error and determine that the data is correct, you can override the error. You should only override a data quality error when you are confident that the errors will not affect the quality of the data. When to Override Data Quality Errors You can […]

Reviewing Data Quality Errors

Once you have certified a submission, the PDP system performs data quality checks on the data files. If a submission passes all quality checks, the system will generate reports from the data. If a submission fails a quality check, the system will email you to inform you of the failure […]

Rejecting Submissions

You can reject invalid submissions with a status of “Passed” or “Data Quality Failed.” This confirms that the submission is invalid and the PDP system should discard it. You should reject the following types of files: Test files Files that were accidentally submitted more than once Files that were edited […]

Certifying Submissions

Once you have submitted your data files and resolved any validation errors, you must certify your submissions to confirm that they are complete and ready for further processing. You must certify cohort and course data files as well as the historical data you send the first time you submit. Do […]

Reviewing Validation Errors

The PDP system runs two validation checks on your data file submissions: Structural Validation: Checks that the file is formatted correctly (contains all necessary columns, no missing lines, etc.) Field Validation: Checks each field to ensure it contains correct values (required fields are populated, correct length and format, etc.) The […]

Reviewing Submissions

Once you have submitted your data files, the PDP system will perform two types of checks: Validation Checks: The system checks the data files to ensure that the data is complete and formatted correctly. Data Quality Checks: The system reviews the response rate of specific data elements, checks for duplicate […]

Submitting Data Files through FTP

During your kickoff call with the PDP implementation team, you will receive your PDP account information, including your service account number and secure FTP mailbox username and password. You will use these credentials to submit your data files. The first time you log in, you may need to change your password. […]