Early Registration vs. Advanced Registration

Check out the table below to find out why these submission types are different.

Advanced Registration Early Registration
Is data from the submission used for compliance reporting? No, advanced registration data is not used for compliance reporting. It is used for Myhub or Student Self-Service, which allows students to receive discounts on computers, car insurance, and other products as a result of their enrollment. Yes. IMPORTANT: Withdrawn records are not accepted in early registration files.
How do these two submission types differ?
  • Allows your students to obtain early verifications for health insurance, computer software discounts, housing verifications and more if you participate in Myhub or Student Self-Service.
  • Frees your staff from performing pre-enrollment verifications.
  • Used for compliance reporting.
  • Captures student status changes occurring before your school’s census date and before submission of your first-of-term file if you have multiple terms starting on separate dates (see Who should I include? below for limitations to this).
When should I send my file? Any time before the term begin date. After the first day of the term but before the census date of the term.
Who should I include? All students pre-registered for the upcoming term. All students registered for the upcoming term unless their status is less than half-time. If you cannot separate the less than half-time students out, we will reject them for you. You can disregard these students on your reject detail report.
When is data available for verifications? Immediately via Myhub or Student Self-Service and until the first day of the term. As soon as it’s loaded into our system.
Are there any processing concerns?
  • Make sure modifications made to your extract program to provide advanced registration data do not impact the extract used to provide enrollment data for compliance reporting.
  • Remember that advanced registration files are automatically loaded into our database and become immediately available to your students who need pre-enrollment verifications.
Always submit early registration files after the first day of the term. Sending them before the first day of the term can result in NSLDS SSCR Error Codes 30 and 69 on your next SSCR Error Report.

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