3 Things to Remember When the Auditor Visits

  1. Select the most comprehensive search options when reviewing student information on NSLDS. In order to confirm your reporting timeliness, make sure you choose the optimal selections from the “Advanced Display Options” drop-down menus on the NSLDS “Enrollment Detail” screen.

    Select all active and inactive records for all schools, then click “Apply.” These search conditions will yield the most comprehensive details, including the first instance when NSLDS accepted an enrollment status and its corresponding effective date.

  2. Understand the 60-day timely reporting requirement. Per the Department of Education (ED), “accurate and timely reporting” requires Title IV aid recipient enrollment to be certified every 60 days, at a minimum. ED’s requirement aligns with that of the Code of Federal Regulations to report students who “ceased to be on at least a half-time basis,” as stated in regulations 682.610/685.309.

    Therefore, to comply with federal reporting requirements, you must submit an SSCR a minimum of every 60 days. On your behalf, the Clearinghouse complies with this requirement by scheduling an SSCR every month of the year.

  3. Count the 60 days from the Date of Determination. Per federal requirements, after a student ceases to be enrolled at least half-time, an institution has 60 days from the date of determination to report the student’s enrollment to NSLDS. The date of determination is the date your institution became aware of the student’s enrollment status change. Typically, the date of determination is subsequent to the effective date of the enrollment status.