Security XML Certificate Support

Security XML Certificate Update

On February 14, 2022, the National Student Clearinghouse will renew the SSL certificate that encrypts all data exchanged via our xml site ( Because xml data exchange relies on server-to-server communications, our SSL certificate renewal may impact the ability of your system to communicate effectively with the Clearinghouse’s systems.

As a result, it is CRITICAL that your system administrator downloads and installs the new DigiCert certificate by or before February 14, 2022. This routine procedure, which should only take a few minutes for your system administrator to complete, will ensure uninterrupted access after February 14th.

System Administrator:

Download the following certificates (.zip) and add them to your trust store.

  • Root Certificate – DigiCert Global Root CA
  • Intermediate Certificate – Digicert TLS RSA SHA256 2020 CA1
  • certificate

If you need technical assistance from the Clearinghouse, please email us at

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