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> Error Resolution Email Alerts

After your institution transmits your enrollment report to the Clearinghouse via Secure FTP, we will notify the submission data and submission data alternate contacts at your institution if any data discrepancies require review and correction. These corrections can be done real-time via our secure Web site. Since the processing of your institution’s enrollment report cannot be completed until these data discrepancies have been resolved, we recommend for compliance reasons that immediate action be taken to respond to any discrepancies.

1. Upload your enrollment report to the Clearinghouse via secure FTP. Once your report has been transmitted successfully to the Clearinghouse, the FTP contact at your institution will receive an acknowledgement email to indicate that the data was accepted for processing.


2. After the Clearinghouse sets up your enrollment report, any data discrepancies that require your school’s review will post to the secure portion of the Clearinghouse Web site, and your institution’s submission data contacts will receive an email with instructions for accessing the error resolution report.

Additional reminder emails will be sent every four (4) days to your submission data contacts if the corrections have not been resolved in a timely manner.


> Information Contained on Your Error Resolution Report

You will need to review the error list for your Error Resolution Report, which contains the following information:

Clearinghouse Contact: Provides contact information for the School Operations analyst that is currently working your submission, in case you have any questions or need assistance.

Navigation Information: Provides directions on how to resolve discrepancies on the institution’s Error Resolution Report.

Submission Information:  Lists information about your submission, like the received date, certification date, academic term, submission type, days outstanding, submission number, and school code.

Request to Reject Submission: Sends a request to the analyst assigned to your submission to reject it (if you submitted the submission in error or wish to resubmit the data already transmitted).

Error List: Lists the discrepancies identified on your submission, and provides the error number (code), a brief description of the error, and count (the total number of records with that error).

*Note: All errors marked in red* are required and MUST be resolved before the Clearinghouse can load your enrollment information. Once all the errors in red are have been resolved, please review the other warnings (listed in black). By not correcting or changing error number(s) in black, you are verifying the data displayed is accurate.


> Review & Return Your Error Resolution Report

For audit purposes, please save copies of the screens containing the error records BEFORE submitting changes to the Clearinghouse. Maintaining the list may be helpful for compliance audits.

1. To access your Error Resolution Report, log into the Clearinghouse Web site, .

2. From the Student Reporting tab, click the “Error Correction” link. This will bring up any pending Error Resolution Reports for your institution.


3. Review the error list for the Error Resolution Report.


4. Next, click the link to the error number, description, or count that needs correcting to view the details and description for that specific error.


5. To perform a mass correction, click Update All Records for Error, select Error by checking the “Select Error” box, enter the updated information, and click Submit.

6. You can also review and update each student record individually. If desired, expand  the details for any of the records to make additional updates or to view previously reported information. After correcting the selected records, click Submit Selected Records for Validation.


7. If all records containing the specific error have been resolved, you will be returned to the error list automatically. Otherwise, you can click Back to Error List to review and work the additional errors.

8. After the errors and warning have been resolved, click I am Done to return your corrections to the Clearinghouse for further review and/or processing, then either click  to return to the Clearinghouse secure site or .

9. If your institution has additional pending enrollment submissions to be reviewed and corrected, click Back to Pending Submissions to access them.

10. An email will be sent to your institution’s submission data contacts once the Clearinghouse retrieves the corrections for your Error Resolution Report.

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