DGI Response Summary User Interface

  • DGI institutions will have access to the “DGI Response Summary” screen.
  • This screen contains a summary of your files sent to you by Hosts in your network.
  • You can search for previously sent files using the Search Criteria and generate a previously sent file.

The search tool and results table layouts are below.

Search Criteria Layout

Field Name Comments
Sender Name Search with Sender Name (exact match, all caps)
File Received Date Search by the date the file was sent

Course Files Summary Screen Layout

Field Name Comments
File Received Date Date in YYYYMMDD format
Sender name Name of the host (Post-Secondary Institute or System of Institute) that sent the original file
File Name Name of the file
Number of Records Number of records in the file
Generate Button This button will allow the user’s ability to generate any of the files listed on the DGI Response Summary.

Sample DGI Response Summary Screen

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