K-20 Electronic Transcript and Data Exchange

The First Nonprofit-Led Solution to Enable K-20 Data Exchanges Nationwide

The National Student Clearinghouse has developed a system to enable electronic transcript and data exchanges between K-20 educational institutions nationwide. This is the first nonprofit-led national solution for providing transcript and data exchange services and capabilities across the secondary and postsecondary continuum.

The new K-20 system builds upon and complements the Clearinghouse’s existing global transcript and exchange platforms, including Electronic Transcript Exchange and SPEEDE Server.

How does it work?

The Clearinghouse has expanded our Electronic Transcript Exchange platform, used by postsecondary institutions, to include K-12 schools and districts. This enables K-12 schools and districts and postsecondary institutions anywhere in the U.S. to exchange electronic transcripts and other student documents with one another.

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State Solutions

The Clearinghouse’s K-20 exchange solution provides you with a secure end-to-end service that meets all your state’s student data and transcript exchange needs.  


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