About User Roles

Watch the video below to learn more about user roles.

Role Description Required Role Requires Web ID
Billing Receives invoices for the StudentTracker service. Only one user can be assigned this role. Yes No
ETX Contact for Electronic Transcript Exchange. No No
Executive Manages the contractual relationship. Only one user can be assigned this role. No No
FTP Submits student files through the secure FTP website. Receives emails for FTP activity. No Yes
Other Role or job title is unknown. No No
Reports Works with and generates reports. Yes Yes
Technical Uploads test files via the StudentTracker for High Schools homepage, and creates/edits files for submission. No Yes
User Administrator Designates, manages, and removes user access to the organization’s secure Clearinghouse accounts and updates contact information for non-Web users. Submits requests to authorize the Clearinghouse to process them. Yes Yes

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