Electronic Transcript Exchange FAQs

What Is Electronic Transcript Exchange?

Electronic Transcript Exchange (or ETX) enables you to exchange transcripts with participating educational institutions and organizations via the Clearinghouse’s secure network. Transcript data can be transmitted using any standard format, even PDFs that look just like your paper transcripts.

What Does Electronic Transcript Exchange Include?

In addition to the convenience and security offered by Electronic Transcript Exchange, the service:

  • Enables institutions to track transcript delivery status and receipt
  • Allows all institutions to receive electronic transcripts at no cost
  • Waives the fee for sending transcripts for Transcript Ordering participants
  • Supports all file formats

How Does Electronic Transcript Exchange Work?

  1. When establishing your service, your institution selects the file formats that can be accepted or sent by each of its participating offices, departments, or groups.
  2. Before sending a transcript, check our registry to obtain the recipient ID and accepted file type(s) for the institution to which you are sending a transcript.
  3. Sign into your Electronic Transcript Exchange secure FTP account.
  4. Upload the transcript and specify the recipient. A file delivery receipt will be mailed to you.
  5. When a transcript is sent to you, you will receive an email with the URL, where you can log in and download the file.

Are Transcript PDFs Delivered Via Transcript Ordering ADA Compliant?

Yes. All PDFs delivered electronically via Transcript Ordering are ADA compliant, which enables recipients with screen readers to use our service and successfully read the transcript data.

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