Outcomes Reporting

Comprehensive Report

Each year, you will receive a comprehensive StudentTracker report with more than 30 color graphs and charts showing the postsecondary enrollment and achievements of your high school graduates.

The comprehensive report can show you:

  • How many of your students enrolled in college within the first two years after graduating high school.
  • How many of your students persisted in college, including enrollment at two- and four-year institutions both in- and out-of-state.
  • The percentage of your students who obtained a college degree (if available).
  • The top colleges where your students most often enrolled immediately after high school graduation.
  • Your students’ time to college graduation (based on the high school completion date you provided).
  • The progression of one class of students through postsecondary education, including first enrollment, retention, re-enrollment after stop-outs, graduation, and drop-outs.

View a sample report here . To learn more, view our flyer here .

StudentTracker Reports

Student-Level Detail Report

You will also receive a student-level detail report that allows you to identify the postsecondary performance of individual students. By combining StudentTracker’s student-level data with your own information, you can analyze educational trends and patterns using any variable you choose. You can request updated reports at any time during the year.

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