Getting Started with DiplomaVerify

Step 1: Sign Up

Fill out our DiplomaVerify information form.

  • If you are already a StudentTracker for High Schools client and have submitted a diploma file, we can start processing verifications as soon as we have implemented your DiplomaVerify agreement.
  • If you are in the process of signing up for StudentTracker for High Schools, a client coordinator will contact you to assist you with implementation. Once you securely submit your diploma file, we can start processing verifications.

Your client coordinator will explain how to communicate with background screeners, including how to direct them to The Clearinghouse so we can handle verification requests on your behalf.

Step 2: Submit Historical Data

StudentTracker for High Schools provides an eight-year lookback, so we recommend submitting eight years of data when you sign up, then one year of graduate data each year after that.

If you are already a StudentTracker for High Schools client, you can submit an historical data file for the years before those used to generate your StudentTracker reports. We recommend submitting historical data going back to the year 2000. Three-quarters of all verification requests are for diplomas issued in 2000 or later. However, we will accept historical data from before 2000.

A diploma data file requires fewer data elements than are required for a StudentTracker for High Schools report. See Formatting a DiplomaVerify Graduates File for details.

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