Establish Your Secure FTP Account

All participating schools submit data to the Clearinghouse using our secure FTP server, which is a stable electronic method for collecting and exchanging sensitive and private data between two parties.

To establish your secure FTP account:

1. Go to at least two business days before you want to send your first data file to the Clearinghouse.

2. Select the intended usage: “Enrollment and/or degree reporting” or “StudentTracker research service

3. Enter your school’s name, OPE ID, and address information in the corresponding fields

4. Add required contact information for your “Secure FTP Contact” and “Alternate Contact”

5. Click Submit in order to complete your request

Within two business days, your designated secure FTP contact will receive an email with user ID and password information from the Clearinghouse (also see Log on to the School Secure Site). For further assistance with your secure FTP account, visit our online FTP help guide .

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