Reporting Reverse Transfer Degrees and Flag

In order for all the processes of Reverse Transfer to work, all institutions must report the degrees awarded through the DegreeVerify process.

You will continue to report degrees via DegreeVerify. The degree file intake process is unchanged except for the addition of a Reverse Transfer flag (RT Flag), which identifies the degree as a Reverse Transfer degree. The Clearinghouse will use the flag to compile reports for institutions, such as the number of Reverse Transfer degrees in total and degrees from a specific DGI.

Noteworthy points:

  • DGI institutions will need to add a Reverse Transfer Flag at position (3286) to the degree file layout
  • Only accepted values are Y/N/null
  • Everything else will be treated as null

For more details on the DegreeVerify File Layout, see the DegreeVerify Programming and Testing Guide.

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