File Transmission Methods

New reverse transfer secure FTP accounts will be set up for all new users during the implementation of the service. After the initial setup to add or delete a user, please contact the Clearinghouse at

The key features of the secure FTP system are:

  • Employs an easy-to-use Web browser interface so users can quickly and securely send and receive files
  • Stores files using the U.S. federal encryption standard, FIPS 140-2 validated AES encryption
  • Eliminates the need to encrypt or compress data files or enter complicated FTP line commands prior to file transmission
  • Allows users with automated environments to use no- or low-cost secure FTP clients to exchange files over encrypted FTPS and SSH connections

Once your organization’s secure FTP account has been set up (you will receive instructions to do this during the implementation of your Reverse Transfer service), you can submit your Reverse Transfer course detail files via secure FTP.

Transmitting Files via SPEEDE Server

Currently, the reverse transfer service provides the EDI and XML format for Degree-Granting Institutions (DGI), requesting EDI or XML. DGIs will need to provide their SPEEDE ID to the Clearinghouse when they sign up for Reverse Transfer. Reverse Transfer will deliver the response files for the SPEEDE ID provided to the Clearinghouse via the SPEEDE Server delivery system. Please note the SPEEDE ID is a numeric ID only. If an institution would like to receive EDI or XML and is not participating in SPEEDE, please see External Link - SPEEDE Server and review both the getting started and register pages.

> Find out more about EDI and XML response files

Secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Establishing a Secure FTP Account

The Clearinghouses supports secure FTP to safely and securely collect, store, manage, and distribute sensitive information between your institution and the Clearinghouse.

For more details on the FTP guidelines, see External Link - Secure FTP Help.

FTP Troubleshooting

If you experience any problems or need assistance with secure FTP, contact Clearinghouse technical support at

Reverse Transfer Roles Set Up

Each institution selects to be either a Host (Data Provider) or Degree-Granting Institution (DGI) or both Host and Degree-Granting Institution (DGI). If your institution chooses to be Host and DGI, you can use one Web ID to navigate as a Host and DGI user.

> Find out more about the user interface for users with both Host and DGI roles


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