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File Questions

Files are stored and available on FTP for up to 180 days. Go to “File Submission Summary” on the Reverse Transfer user interface and select “Generate” for the files you would like to access.

The Clearinghouse encourages schools to send cumulative data for students in every file they submit. Our robust de-duping processes will identify coursework previously submitted.

Including the student’s entire history in every submission ensures that complete records have been sent. While you have the option to send data for only one period, we have found extracts can be tricky if a student stops out and then re-admits, or if there were grade changes. The Clearinghouse will create the files for the two-year schools accordingly.

The Clearinghouse encourages schools to submit data for all transfer students who have given consent to have their records exchanged. We will process your file and send the information to the appropriate two-year school, wherever it is in the U.S.

See Host Reverse Transfer Course Detail File: Header Record Layout

Once you make the needed file updates, you can resubmit your file. If you need assistance understanding the header issue, please contact your Implementation or Client Success Manager .

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Login Credentials

Contact the FTP Support Team at secureftp@studentclearinghouse.org.

For more on using secure FTP, visit our Secure FTP help site External Link - Secure FTP Help.

The user administrator contact assigned to your Reverse Transfer account can submit additional names to your Client Success Manager External Link - Client Success Manager. Once your account is updated, the new users will receive instructions via email on how to manage their credentials.

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