Course Data Record Layouts, Report Formats, and File Requirements

Course Data Record Layouts and Report Formats

This section provides the data file specifications with respect to the layout and format for sending course detail files via secure FTP to the Clearinghouse. It is essential that files are formatted in accordance with the Clearinghouse’s specifications so they can be loaded into our database.

The following details provide the specifications for the data record layout requirements for submitting Reverse Transfer course detail files to the Clearinghouse.

Course File Requirements

The course file consists of student and course data of students who have agreed to participate in the Reverse Transfer program. The layout of the host Reverse Transfer course detail file includes the high-level information below. Please note that the detailed specification and requirements for each of the file sections listed below are provided in the Host Reverse Transfer Course Detail File Layout section.

  • Header record
  • Body record(s):
    • Student details
    • Student contact information
    • Course details
    • DGI OPEID/ (6-digit)
  • Trailer record


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