Transfer Dashboard

This dashboard provides a view of transfer student rates and other outcomes for students, such as credentials earned before or after transfer by cohort year.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Transfer Dashboard.

How It Works

The dashboard includes information on transfer students who earned a certificate, associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, or did not earn a credential before or after transfer. It also displays your institution’s overall transfer rate.

The dashboard displays data for up to six cohorts for up to eight years after a student’s first enrollment (when available). When you select a timeframe and a cohort, the dashboard will only display data for cohorts in which the full timeframe has elapsed.

Dashboard Filters

This dashboard includes three unique filters:

  • Earned Credit Milestones: This filter displays the number of credits a student earned before transfer in 6-credit increments.
  • Transferred Within: This filter allows you to filter by timeframes up to eight years.
  • Institution Type: This filter allows you to select either two-year institutions, four-year institutions, or both.

Dashboard Sections

Total Transfer-out

This section provides information on the total transfer-out rate for all cohort years. The only filter that applies to this section is the cohort filter. If you select a single cohort year, the numbers displayed will represent the transfer-out rate only for that cohort.

Transfer-out 2-Year and Transfer-out 4-Year

These sections provide information on the total number of students within a selected cohort(s) who transferred to a two- or four-year institution.

Average Credits Earned Before Transfer

This section displays the average number of credits that students within the select cohort(s) earned before transfer.

Framing Questions

This section provides framing questions to help direct analysis and inquiry. You can also use the options in this section to disaggregate the data by dimension or by two unique filters:

  • Transferred Within: This filter limits the population of students displayed only to those who transferred within a specific time period. You can select from timeframes of up to eight years. The timeframes are not cumulative.
  • Destination Institution Type: This filter allows you to select either two-year institutions, four-year institutions, or both.

Transfer-out with Credential Earned at Cohort Institution

This section provides an overview of how your institution’s outcomes have changed from one cohort to the next. The number of columns depends on how many cohort years you select (the default is six cohorts). The number of stacked bars within each column depends on the range of credentials earned for the options you select (certificate, associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, or no credential). Dimensions do not apply to this section.

Credential Earned Post-Transfer by Dimension

This section disaggregates the data by different dimensions. Each box displays the relative percentage of students with an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, certificate, or no credential at another institution after transfer. The color of the boxes shows the breakdown by credential type while the size of each box shows the frequency of the composite outcomes. When you select a dimension, each box is subdivided into every student characteristic contained in this dimension for further comparison. Hover over a box to view additional information about the percentage of all students in each cohort as well as those of a particular demographic who achieved a specific outcome type.

You must select the cohort year within this section. The cohort filter does not apply. This section is limited to the population of transfer students, not the overall cohort.

Total Transfer Out by Dimension

This section shows your institution’s overall transfer rate across cohorts with disaggregation by dimension. Unlike in other sections, this section includes the entire student population and calculates the transfer rate based on the entire cohort. The lines in this section do not show a longitudinal view of transfers. They show trends in transfer from one cohort to the next based on the timeframe you select.

Use Cases

Awarding Associate Degrees to Transfer-Out Students

Watch the video below to learn how to use the Transfer dashboard to understand the number of students who transferred to a four-year institution who could earn an associate degree retroactively.

Credentials Earned by Hispanic Male Students Before and After Transferring to a 4-Year Institution

Watch the video below to learn how to use the Transfer dashboard to understand the credentials earned by your Hispanic male student cohort before and after they transferred from your institution to a four-year institution.


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