Time to Credential and Credentials Conferred

This dashboard provides a count of an average time to completion for credentials awarded by your institution.

How It Works

This dashboard displays the full range of undergraduate credential levels offered by your institution across the six most recent academic years. Unlike the other dashboards, which are cohort-based, this dashboard is based on the academic year in which each credential was awarded, so the credentials are not restricted to the students submitted in your institution’s cohort data file, and one student may have multiple credentials.

The time required to complete each credential demonstrates the length of time in calendar years elapsed from the student’s first enrollment until the student earned each undergraduate credential. Credentials earned by students who have stopped out for more than five years after first enrolling are excluded from this measurement.

Dashboard Sections

Time to Credential/Total Credential Count by Dimension

This section provides an overview of how your institution’s time to credential and the number of credentials conferred have changed across academic years. You can use the Select Chart menu to select either Time to Credential or Total Credential Count.

This section can also be disaggregated by dimension. The color of each bar represents a different credential offered by your institution, but when you select a dimension, multiple bars of the same color will appear. The bars are labeled with the dimensions they represent.

Total Credentials Conferred by Year

This section provides an overview of the share of various credentials awarded by your institution. Each bar reflects all undergraduate credentials awarded, and each segment of the bar shows the percentage by credential level. This section is not affected by dimensions.

Average Time to Credential by Year

This section displays the average time that was required to complete a credential at your institution by academic year. The lines represent the various credential levels offered at your institution.


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