Reviewing Submissions

Once you have submitted your data files, the PDP system will perform two types of checks:

  1. Validation Checks: The system checks the data files to ensure that the data is complete and formatted correctly.
  2. Data Quality Checks: The system reviews the response rate of specific data elements, checks for duplicate students and courses, and compares the most recently submitted data to historical data.

You will receive an email notification if your submission fails either of these checks.

You can view the statuses of all of your submissions through the PDP secure portal.

  1. Log into the PDP secure portal at
  2. Once you log in, you will see the File Submission Summary screen. You can see the status of each submission in the Data Status column.

File Submission Summary

If a file you submitted does not appear in the File Submission Summary, make sure you include your FTP Mailbox ID in the file name. If this identifier is not included in the file name, the file will not be associated with your account.

Filtering Submissions

You can filter the submissions in the File Submission Summary by submission number, type, status, and file received date.

  1. Enter or select the filter(s) in the Search
  2. Select Match All to search for submissions that match all of the filters. Select Match Any to search for submissions that match at least one of the filters.
  3. Click Search.
  4. To clear the filters, click Reset.

File Submission Summary filter options

Status Definitions


  • System Processing: The system is processing the data file.
  • Archived: The system has archived the data file.

Validation Checks

  • Passed: The data file has passed validation checks.
  • Field Failed: The data file contains one or more field validation errors. You will need to correct these errors and re-submit.
  • Structural Failed: The data file contains one or formatting validation errors. You will need to correct these errors and re-submit.


  • Certified: You have certified the data file as complete and ready for further processing.
  • Rejected: You have rejected the file as invalid. The system will discard it.

Data Quality Checks

  • Data Quality Passed: All certified data files in the submission have passed data quality checks.
  • Data Quality Failed: One or more certified data files in a submission have failed data quality checks.
  • Data Quality in Progress: The system is performing data quality checks on the submission.

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