Don’t Let Audit Season Sneak Up On You!

Start planning now with these quick tips to help you review your compliance reporting and prepare for audit season.

1.     Review your schedule of transmissions with the Clearinghouse.

2.     Review your “History of NSLDS SSCRs Processed by the Clearinghouse.” This will show you when the Clearinghouse processed your school’s most recent enrollment reporting roster.

3.     Review the data within your SIS system.

  • Are withdrawal dates accurate?
  • Are student SSNs correct?
  • Are status changes captured properly?
  • Is program-level enrollment status calculated properly to match campus-level enrollment status?

4.     Periodically review sample students on the Clearinghouse secure website to ensure their enrollment history is accurate.

5.     Review your policies and procedures to make sure they are up-to-date and accurate!

6.     Engage your colleagues: how can your whole team help contribute to compliance? Is there a periodic monitoring process you can develop and execute as a team?